Freedom-Wifi RV Packages

Internet is no longer optional and reliable internet is demanded by most every customer today.
We make providing this most important amenity effortless with
packages starting a $5.00 per month per site.

Reasons why you should protect yourself by using Freedom-Wifi for your Parkwide Internet Services

  • You the park owner will “NOT” be liable for any illegal use of the shared internet connection – Right now if you’re distributing internet and someone does something or downloads something illegal you will be held responsible.

  • Installation and equipment maintenance costs – Right now you are responsible for the installation and maintenance and support for all of the equipment.  Freedom-Wifi will install and maintain all of the necessary equipment and bandwidth to provide 100% coverage to all the sites in your RV Park.

  • Tech Support  – Right now you are paying someone to make repairs and solve issues within the park when customers complain.  This is time consuming and very frustrating to both you and your customers.  You simply call or email Freedom-Wifi with the complaint and a few details and we take it from there, you may be required to simply verify power at the troubled location and that’s it your part is done.

  • Cost Savings – You will be given free internet service  at your office so you can drop your current internet bill all together which means money saved.  We also provide the bandwidth for the park wide service so you get to drop that cost if your providing service now.

  • Simple and flexible payment options – You can pay in 6 monthly installments of $10.00 per site and pay nothing for the next 6 months making it easy to pay when your getting paid.

We offer many plans to suit your needs as well as references if you need them.  

Our goal is to simplify an absolute necessity for your RV Park.